All employees and prospective employees for the 2018 season must complete the appropriate application form and submit it. Those who do come to work for us must complete Form W-4 and for those under 18, a work permit application. W-4 and work permit applications only need to be filled out for first year employees. MD has changed the work permit application process. Click the link below to apply online. Then sign, have it signed by a parent or legal guardian, and mail to PPI offices (fax or scan is fine as well).

Address: PO Box 60026, Potomac, MD 20859

Fax: 301-530-1662


New Employee Application 

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Do Not Leave Tax Forms At Your Pool!

2018 Form W-4 (NOT YET AVAILABLE)–this form can be completed online or printed and completed

Work Permit Application–this form needs to be completed online and printed